sUAS Pilot & Data Training for Individuals & Organizations

On one hand it’s hard to imagine how complex it is to operate sUAS. After all, it’s a just a toy, right?  The truth is operating sUAS commercially is a complex undertaking especially as the size of operations grow.  Remote pilots need Part 107 certification but being certified isn’t enough to ensure safe (and crash free) sUAS operations.

We are here to help. From pilot certification and operations training, logging and maintenance SOP development, and administration implementation we have the staff to help train your team on the many aspects of safe sUAS operations.

We have a proven track record of training pilots from the basics of flight through more advanced data acquisition techniques. We can schedule one of our standard trainings or we can work with you to customize a training to fit your needs.

Standard Trainings:

  • Part 107 Study Guide – Getting Certified and Operational Best Practices
  • Don’t Crash – Safe Operations of sUAS (2nd Day is optional)
  • Aerial Photography – Step up your game with our award winning instructors
  • Aerial Videography – Learn to capture amazing footage & create videos in Premiere Pro.
  • Mapping and Processing – Intermediate Data Acquisition Techniques and Pix4D processing

Custom Training Ideas

  • Large group sUAS Operations
  • Intermediate and Advanced Data Acquisition & Management
  • Pix4D only – pass the certification
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