Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) have changed the game when it comes to collecting data for mapping, modeling and surveying work.  In the past, aerial data acquisition techniques were limited to manned flight. Acquiring data with manned aircraft was not only expensive and time consuming, the data acquired is  lower in detail and resolution than can be attained with sUAS.  While manned flight missions remain the only viable way to acquire data for very large areas sUAS have become the standard for smaller areas where higher detail and accuracy is required.

Mapping and Modeling Course Curriculum

Day 1

On day one we will meet and test our equipment to ensure all updates are installed and that autonomous missions will execute. We will run a few small mapping missions which you will use to ensure that Pix4D mapper is installed and configured correctly.  You’ll do this in the evening.  After the short field day we’ll meet for dinner at an informal meet and greet.

Day 2

All day in the field mapping.  We will cover a couple of different types of data acquisition techniques. These include:

  • 90 degree Nadir
  • 60/70 degree double grid
  • Free-flight
  • Vertical and Horizontal Orbital

Day 3

All day in the class room covering Pix4D mapper from start to finish.  We we go through the step-by-step processing of building 3D and 2D maps and models.  We will cover each step in depth in Pix4D including reviewing optimal parameter settings.

About the Instructor

Doug has been mapping and modeling with sUAS since 2014.  In the early days of the industry DJI did not support complex mapping missions so Doug relied on custom built PixHawk based multi-rotors and fixed wing sUAS to acquire data. Once DJI entered the game he made the switch away from PixHawk based vehicles.  While data acquisition has become easier with DJI (and others) based vehicles the types of missions being flown has become more complex.  There are a myriad of iPad/tablet apps available to run missions and Doug has an in-depth familiarity with all of them.  He is a certified Pix4D mapper user and has been involved in a variety of projects including mapping and modeling MLB stadiums, the Don Imus Ranch and the Randy Travis Ranch.

Doug is a SCUBA instructor, Yoga instructor and has been teaching mapping and modeling for over three years.

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