If you are new to drones and are interested in getting started the right way this course is for you.  The short course will take you through all of the parameters and settings within the DJI GO 4 mobile app.  Once familiar with the app we’ll head to the field and do some flying. DJI drones are fairly easy to fly but as a new pilot getting use to the safety features is critical to keeping your bird in the air and not smashed into the side of your hour or stuck in a tree.  This course will teach you all the basics to safe drone operations including basic preflight evaluations, emergency procedures and monitoring of critical statuses in the drone (battery levels, GPS signal strength, etc.).

Once your down with the short course you will feel a lot more comfortable flying your new machine.  It’ll be up to you to slowly progress in your comfort level but in our experience starting off with tips and tricks from the pros will get you on your way a lot fast to being a safe pilot who doesn’t crash.

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