Interested in going commercial with your sUAS?  In the United States it is required that all commercial drone pilots posses 14 CFR Part 107 remote pilot certification.  In this course we’ll take you from start to finish through the FAA study guide to ensure that when it’s time to take the Part 107 test you’ll be ready.

If you’d like to save yourself some money we also offer an “end of study” tutorial and test preparation course.  In this course you will study the FAA materials (which are free) at your own pace. When you’re close to ready we’ll work with you over two evenings to answer any questions, grill you on FAA Sectional Charts, and review the test questions that people find the most difficult to understand (and get right!).

About the Instructor

Doug is a 14 CFR Part 61 pilot for airplane single engine land and worked for his pilots license so that he could operate under his companies 333 Exemption.  While the pilots license is no longer required and 333 Exemptions have been replaced by permanent FAA sUAS Commercial Regulations he maintains his license.  He has a deep understanding of FAA regulations on both the Part 61 and Part 107 side and is also very familiar with aviation sectional charts.

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