Our client wasn’t not OSHA certified for roof top inspections yet they suspected that vents where not installed correctly on six different structures each with six units. In discussing the logistical details it became apparent to our client that we’d not only keep their workers out of harms way we’d save them money by being able to do the inspection in a fraction of the time it would take a small team of workers.

In the end we provided our client with high resolution imagery where they could easily identify exactly which vents were incorrectly installed.  Unfortunately for them there were hundreds they needed to move.

What we do and what you can expect

Use the sUAS from ground leverl we’re able to inspect, in very fine detail, roofs side areas.  How long, and thus how much, the project will take depends on the size of the area and the desired detail.

What we’ll deliver to you, often times before we leave the job site, is:

  • One or more high elevation overview images. Images will be taken
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