Kilt Farms has two field locations.  Their first location is located in Niwot, Colorado. The other is a 17 acre plot located outside of Boulder.  They lease this location from  Boulder County.

Micheal grows some of the most amazing vegetables. He knows how to farm the land.  Part of cultivating the land is by growing cover crops. Micheal found that the cover crops he was growing were not doing very well in part of his field and so he is in discussion with the County on how to rectify the situation.

We helped him by using sUAS to fly over the property and acquiring mapping imagery which we used to create a high resolution 2D overview map and a false-color 2D vegetation health overview map. The results in the vegetation map are rough estimates at best. But by combining the data in that map with the overview map Micheal was able to pinpoint the areas of greatest impact and demonstrate to County Officials the issues he’s facing.

He’s been able to negotiate a lower lease rate because of the data we provided to him.

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2018-08 moss nadir_rgba_blue_1200-2
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