Gas and Fluid Detection

FLIR Infrared

Infrared sensors allow for the visualization in differences in surface temperatures. Liquids such as oil are easily discernible under the right conditions.  Imagery is sent to the sUAS in real time allowing for infield identification of potential spill spots.


ICI Mirage

The ICI Mirage can detect .75g/hr Methane leaks from 100M. A tuned sensor can visualize the leak during the inspection flight. Larger data sets are uploaded to our Data Delivery Cloud and can be inspected while in the office. All imagery is tagged with GPS coordinates making it easy to identify any potential leaks.

NDVI Sensor

Near Infrared imagery can detect variations in vegetation caused by pollutants such as salt water, hydraulic fluids and oil.  NDVI imagery is of high enough resolution that even smaller affected vegetation areas can be identified for later inspection.

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